What is Fancharm?

Sam from Fancharm
4 min readApr 23, 2021

What is Fancharm

Fancharm is an app for OnlyFans creators that makes it easier to promote yourself on Reddit. It lets you schedule posts to multiple subreddits and auto-reply to messages on Reddit. Additionally, it can automatically send a DM to everyone who comments on your photos and it can automatically follow people so that they will follow you back.

Put simply, Fancharm makes your life much easier as an OnlyFans creator on Reddit and helps you gain more OnlyFans subscribers.

Let’s look at what Fancharm does in more detail:

1. Scheduling posts to multiple subreddits

Do your fingers hurt yet from copy and pasting? Are you tired of posting every single day? You’re not alone. Fancharm, however, makes that problem go away. You just upload a photo once, and select all the subreddits you want to post to from a list. You can use the same title or different titles for each post.

Fancharm also makes it easy to schedule the times for each subreddit. You just select when to start (e.g. 7am) and the interval between each post (e.g. 10 minutes) and Fancharm will do the rest for you. So in our example, it will post at 7:00am to the first subreddits, 7:10am to the second, 7:20am to the third, etc. And if Reddit rate limits you, Fancharm will automatically recognize that and just post again later.

It’s super easy, just give it a try!

2. Auto-reply to your Reddit DMs

Do you also get too many messages to respond? With Fancharm you just have to set up an auto-response once and never worry about it again. For example, users say something like:

“Hey, thanks so much for your message! I can’t reply to all messages here but I always reply on my OnlyFans, wanna chat there? Here’s my link: https://onlyfans.com/username

That’s it, super simple.

3. Auto-Message users who comment on your photos

Do you feel like users comment on your photos on Reddit but don’t really convert to OnlyFans subscribers? Fancharm allows you to automatically send everyone who comments on your photos a private message. You can tell them about your OnlyFans, or send them an extra picture, or just say something nice or flirtatious to keep them engaged.

For example, some users send things like:

“Omg… your comment made me kinda horny! Here’s another pic for you: https://imgur.com/abcde … wanna chat on my OF?”

What’s smart about Fancharm is that it never messages moderators, and it never messages people you have already messaged before. So you don’t have to worry about messaging the wrong person. It will also send out only one message per 5 minutes so you won’t get limited on messaging by Reddit.

4. Auto-follow users

You might wonder what the point of following Reddit users is, as an OnlyFans creator. Of course you don’t really care about following them. But, if you follow them, they get a notification and they are very likely to check out your profile again and follow you back.

Fancharm can follow users automatically on your behalf. So it’s a zero-effort way of growing your followers. You just turn it on once and it works for you in the background.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, Fancharm is 100% safe. Over one thousand other OnlyFans creators use it to make their Reddit lives easier. It’s an official 3rd party tool built on top of the Reddit API and is not against Reddit’s rules to use. If you want to hear from real Fancharm users, you can join the Fancharm Discord server.

What does Fancharm cost?

Fancharm is free. You can make 200 posts and send 200 messages for free every month. If you want to do more than that, you can upgrade for $19/month. Many OnlyFans creators upgrade because it saves them a lot of time and it pays for itself with the extra subscribers that they get.

About the team

Fancharm is run by three software engineers from San Francisco who are adding new features to it every week. You can talk to them live on the site or on their Discord, they respond every day.

Go check it out at Fancharm.com